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hyperverse books

About Us

HyperVerse Books publishes speculative fiction and poetry. It's a weird mix, we know—but we specialize in weird. We aim to go beyond pushing boundaries and bending genres. We aspire to dissolve lines and transcend dimensions.

We currently publish one author, who happens to be plagued with multiple identities...

Harambee K. Grey-Sun does not write likable characters, except by accident. He does not stay within genre parameters. His stories often work best on the second or third reading. Instead of fulfilling expectations or comforting the culturally correct, he prefers to provoke and disturb—and he makes no apologies. Weird and dark, bizarre and surreal are the operative words. Those seeking comfort would do best to steer clear.

Harambee Grey-Sun writes pieces that resemble poetry. The majority of his poems are abstract narratives, either pieces of a larger story or short stories in verse. He continually experiments with styles and subject matters but never simply for the sake of experimenting. He writes for readers who crave poems that incorporate every wordplay trick in the book (rhyme, alliteration, puns, etc.) into his entertaining and perhaps thought-provoking stories. In fact, many of his poems (and the thinking behind them) are so out of step with much of contemporary poetry, he prefers to classify his work as a distinct genre: "HyperVerse."